ELITE Panyarat Academic Competition (EPAC)

At Panyarat High School (PHS) we put a great deal of emphasis on competition. We understand the importance of academic competitions in motivating students effectively. Students benefit a great deal from the experience of both winning and losing; students gain self-confidence as they compete to win a variety of prizes. Young people proudly represent their schools and develop academic and teamwork skills.

In an effort to encourage more competition in younger Thai students, Panyarat High School held the ELITE Panyarat Academic Competition (E-PAC) on Saturday 18th January, 2020. ELITE stands for Excellence in Learning, Innovation, Thainess and Eco-friendliness, all of which are key aspects of this competition. E-PAC is for students from Primary 4-6 of schools in Thailand. At PHS, we want to create a welcoming venue for students to showcase their abilities in a competitive atmosphere; therefore PHS offerered its facilities as a level playing ground to motivate students to be more competitive in their education at an early age.

All competitors who attended the event took part in a variety of activities including subject quizzes, public speaking, and an engineering challenge. The young students all showed high levels of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking throughout the day. The event was a great success and enjoyed by everyone, and we eagerly look forward to next year’s EPAC competition.