Next Gen Forum 2020

On Wednesday 8 January 2020, Panyarat High School’s Social Studies Department was pleased to invite Khun Itim (พริษฐ์ วัชรสินธุ) – Parit Wacharasindhu to come and speak to our students about social issues! The event was the result of months of planning involving students from M2, M3, and M4, and was led by Dew and JJ from M3. Chuan from M6 provided an excellent on stage presence and directed student questions to Khun Itim.
The event was well received by staff and students alike, and our goal of publicizing the importance of social issues was successful. Hopefully this will be the first of many special events at PHS designed to publicize social issues in Thailand and around the globe.
The three topics discussed covered:
  1. Youth and Human Rights
  2. Youth and Democracy
  3. Education and Leadership

The academic objectives for the event were:

  • To educate and inspire students to believe in social issues.
  • To raise awareness of the link between education and  leadership.
  • To motivate students to exploit their personal potential.

To view photographs of the event please visit our Facebook page.