PHS Leadership Camp 2020

PHS organised a leadership camp for PHS students, from 16-18th March 2020. This year the camp was held in Kanchanaburi, beginning at the Royal River Kwai Resort.

The camp was focused on students developing new skills, including leadership and teamwork skills, promoting confidence in planning, decision making and problem solving. The camp activities included map reading and orienteering, First aid and CPR training, river and water safety training, wilderness survival and bush cooking.

Students successfully completed a series of personal development activities while cycling, hiking and paddle boarding through Kanchanaburi forest. Over three days, students were introduced to orienteering, teamwork and leadership, how to administer basic first aid and CPR. Whilst forest walking they learned how to construct shelters, build a fire, organise food and cook outdoors. In addition, they learned about the potential dangers of the forest. Along the river, they learned water safety and  how to work as a team, and solving problems that may arise near or on water.

Day 1

  • Leadership tasks and games
  • Map and navigation training
  • Shelter building and Building a fire 
  • Prepare a menu for the camp

Day 2

  • Water navigation and safety
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding 
  • Bush Cooking 
  • Outdoor basics, First Aid and CPR Training
  • Camp and camp fire cooking

Day 3

  • Paddleboarding from the forest
  • Visit local Children’s foundation
  • Navigating the river 
  • Certificates and farewells

**Program may be changed without prior notice.

First Aid certificate and Stand Up Paddleboarding proficiency certificate and PHS Leadership Camp completion certificate will be given after the camp!

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