PHS Leadership Camp 2021/22

The Leadership Camp has been a continued success at PHS, students can sign up for the camp and it gives them an opportunity to thrive out of the academic subjects. The Leadership Camp includes a series of outdoor activities that encourage the students to achieve new skills, work as part of a team and lead team activities. The final day is an application and test of their learning and leadership abilities.

COVID restrictions caused delays and postponements of the camp, but we eventually set off at the end of the final exams in term 2. With so many wanting to get out and do something, we had to run two camps.

In the end 69 students were taken to the Royal River Kwai Resort, Kanchanaburi over two long weekends. One group of M2 students and another group of M3-M5 students. They completed over 55km of paddleboarding, hiking and cycling, while learning many valuable skills.

With so many students wanting to join the trip for a second time, we designed a camp that would give them more independence and greater leadership tasks. 15 Students completed this more advanced level, including intermediate level river navigation and paddleboarding, hiking and geocaching.

Both weekends were filled with activities and excitement.