Academic and Library Day

PHS will hold its annual Academic Day competition and Library day on the 19th July. On this day, we host a range of academic competitions for students to take part in. The students compete in their colour teams in competitions such as Quiz Bowls; student teams compete for points in traditional, or sometimes, not so traditional quizzes. Other competitions include the Engineering Challenge, which pits students problem solving and design skills. Or the Murder Mystery, in which students will use their forensic skills to solve a murder. Team activities also include Geoguessr, in which the team is dropped somewhere in the world and they have to guess where they are using geographical clues, or PhotoBomb, in which individual students use their English skills to present and compete against others.

Alongside this, Library day includes a series of events in the Library, promoting language and literacy in Both Thai and English. These include quizzes, games and scavenger hunts. Lots of prizes available here! Other activity rooms are available for those that prefer not to compete.

The day gives the students a welcome break from their studies and encourages them to apply their skills and knowledge in different competitions and events. A big part of PHS is our commitment to encouraging students to compete beyond the school at national and international levels.

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