M4 Khao Yai Cross Curricular Field Trip

To supplement and support the M4 students’ in-class curriculum studies the students in M4 took part in a cross-curricular educational field trip to Khao Yai National Park, Pak Chong, Nakorn Ratchasima. The trip is organized in conjunction with Big Outdoors Education Centre which is professionally run by outdoor education specialists.

The fieldwork includes geography and science field study, which is a vital part of education, while English and Math are used extensively in the data handling and presentation.

The field work included studying the ecology and biodiversity of rivers, including;

– Measuring and recording river speed of flow and river channel cross sections. Identifying and explaining the formation of river features. Field sketching and annotations.

– Pollution assessment and stream invertebrate surveys to determine the impact of human activities on our environment. Further study of industry and its impact on the environment.

– Studying the vegetation variation and biodiversity along an environmental gradient and identify the adaptations of vegetation in a tropical Forest.

– Undertaking a tourism impact survey of sites around the area. This specifically includes identifying human impact and surveying a tourist site to obtain primary data.

Day 1

We arrived at the National Park, after a quick change, we set off for the first river site. The students immediately took to the river, and quickly got involved in the studies. 

This involved measuring river discharge, studying a meander and catching and studying stream invertebrates. On our return, we found the monkeys had pillaged our rooms! 

Day 2

An early start, into Khao Yai National Park. The day included biodiversity surveys, middle course river surveys and invertebrate studies. After lunch the students were taken on a forest walk through primary rainforest to learn more about the biodiversity of the rainforest.

Day 3

This was spent studying two examples of the impact of tourism, on the environment at the natural spring, and then the growth of commercial tourism at Palio, which is where the students had the best time!

This was a fantastic trip and enjoyed by everyone. Not only did the students have a great time, working in groups, they learned a great deal about the natural environment in Thailand.

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