M5 Fundfair and Community Support Camp

After 2 years of covid fundfairs, in 2023 we were able to have our regular fundfair one more time. PHS 8 hosted the fundfair on February 8th. Throughout January and up to the fundfair students had been selling snacks in school and collecting donations in the markets around the Silom area.

The fundfair was a fun event with food, a dunk tank, and computer games for students to play. The total raised this year was a little over B200,000.

Community Support Camp
Following the successful fundfair students from M5 were excited to travel to Petcharat resort for their camp with blind students from the Lopburi school for the blind. PHS students once again joined up with blind students for the camp. Our students did a great job looking after their young buddies and showed incredible responsibility and consideration for the blind students they took care of. Over the two days we saw some incredible relationships blooming, and DHS students and the students from the lottery school for the blind had a great time doing lots of different activities organized by PHS students.

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