Panyarat Debate Challenge 2019

Panyarat High School has a rich history of promoting debate in Thailand. Kru Gary continues to work with team selection for the National team and along with Kru Chad and Kru LP continue to host events at Panyarat High school to facilitate the development of our future leaders. One such novice event is the Panyarat Debate Challenge 2019 which was held from July 8, 2019. This is the 8th year PHS as hosted this event.

The cross-training, themed “A Whole New World” was contested in the World Schools Format, giving students the opportunity to research specific topics as well as utilize their critical thinking skills to analyze the tough questions that face our world today. The goal is to stimulate the best and brightest young minds by discussing current issues for living in the digital age.

There were seven institutions involved with over fifty students and teachers taking part. The schools were:

Chula University, Mahidiol University International Demonstration School, Thammasat University,
Patumwan Demonstration School, Shrewsbury International, Triam Udomsuksa, and Panyarat High

The Debate Motions:

  1. THW censors hate speech on social media
  2. THBT all countries in the world should have nuclear weapons and technology

Our students from Panyarat High School who participated were:

  • Sirawat Sirithianwanichakul
  • Bunyisa Kangsawiwat
  • Natanont Kriengsuntikul
  • Trin Srirojanapinyo
  • Nichapa Kanluan
  • Patwee Wasunantharat

All students enjoyed the event and made interesting friends and associates for the future.