Debate – Thailand National Tryouts

Chynna Denise Tan is an expert debater who has competed throughout her career at Panyarat High School resulting in many competition highlights. These include:  

  • Quarterfinals European Union Intervarsity Debating Championships
  • Semifinalist Thailand World School Debating Championship
  • Quarterfinals Thailand High School Debating Championships
  • Quarterfinals Asian Schools Debating Championships in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Participant in Asian Schools Debating Championships, Manila, Philippines

By doing so well in these various International and National tournaments, Chynna was able to enter the competition for the Thailand National Team.  The Thailand National Team is composed of various high school students from around Thailand, and compete at the World Schools Debating Championships against 64 other countries from around the world.  Each country selects their top five debaters to represent them. After several rounds of competitions and auditions, Chynna advanced and succeeded in making the Thailand National Team Pool, the top 12 in Thailand.  We wish her luck in her journey in Debate.