PHS Leadership Camp 2022/23

The students from M2-M6 joined the annual PHS Leadership camp, held in Kanchanaburi in collaboration with SUP Hire Thailand. This year the students were lucky enough to have 3 of the M6 students accompanying them, who had previously been on 2 Leadership Camps, and were joining the camp as trainers. This meant students were really given excellent guidance on how to lead activities.

The weather was hot, as it always is, but the students were able to deal with this and got stuck into every activity. The students learned about teaching and leading others, making decisions and being responsible for others. Throughout the camp, they took part in cycling, paddle boarding and hiking, whilst learning first aid, CPR, bush cooking, camping and other essential skills.

It is a tiring camp and hard work, but the activities are great fun and the students really engage with this trip. They have learned some very important skills and new abilities through the experience.

Looking forward to next year!

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