PHS Games 2018

On Thursday the 8th and Friday the 9th of November, Panyarat High school hosted the finale of its highly regarded annual Panyarat Games. The run up to this exciting event had already begun over the previous two weeks. Students spent part of their afternoon competing in a variety of sport competitions which included table tennis, badminton, futsal, and basketball. This year we also introduced E-Sports to the Games.

Panyarat Games culminated with the final rounds of the remaining sports activities, and a spectacular day of cheer-leading. Our four houses – Amber, Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby – faced each other for a fierce and exciting battle to see which house produced the best cheer-leading routines. Our students had already been practicing for this in their spare time in order to choreograph and perfect their dances and cheers. Judging by the spectacular and dazzling routines they produced it is safe to say that they have put every effort into this. High levels of motivation and teamwork are required to produce their finished and spectacular routines; it also provides an air of friendly competition between the houses.

It wasn’t all fun and games for the students only though. This year teachers were pitted against a team of students in a tug of war. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Games and we thank all of our students for making it such an excellent event. Congratulations to Amber who won the trophy for sports, to Sapphire who took the trophy for the parade, and to Emerald who claimed victory for the cheer-leading activities.

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