World Scholars Cup at Yale University

From 16 – 21 of November 2018 our World Scholars students enjoyed one of the most memorable of trips – The World Scholars Cup Tournament of Champions, held at Yale University – which is situated at New Haven, Connecticut, ninety minutes from New York City, USA. This was a very exciting opportunity for our students to pit their written, conversational, and persuasive skills against the best which the global community has to offer, experience a different culture, make new friends internationally, and to improve their English skills. 

The Tournament of Champions is the annual finale of world scholars activities which our students have participated in throughout the year. The following testimonials demonstrate the importance of the world scholars cup to our participants:

“World Scholar’s cup is a tournament where many people around the world compete. We first have to start off with regionals, globals and finalize it with the tournament of champions. I recommend this because it practices our socializing skills and our knowledge about the topics we learn about.”
– Prawan M301

“WSC is a fun academic competition in which you can meet several people from different countries. This program has been my motivation throughout the year. It gives me lots of memorable experiences and teaches me how to cope with stress while studying the syllabus. 😄 Thank you!”
– Dew M201