M4 Cross Curricular Trip 2021/22

M4 students finally were able to go on their field trip, this year to Muak Lek in Saraburi. The M4 Cross-curricular field trip links the core curriculum subjects and brings them together so students can study and appreciate the natural world in which we live.

The trip started with the long journey to the field centre. After lunch the students practiced some of the measuring skills they would need over the next two days in the real environment. On day 2, the students spent the day in the river, measuring river discharge and stream pollution. After a field lunch, the students headed to Chet Sao Noi waterfall area to conduct their second set of measurements to make comparisons. Once completed, they were able to splash about in the pools. The evening was spent around the bonfire, eating snacks!

On Day 3 the students set off into the forest to study biodiversity. This included investigating ecosystems and the biology of the rainforest. Students also applied their maths skills through tree measurements, determining heights and then calculating the biomass of trees.

Another successful year and some great projects to look forward to as the students complete their write ups of the experience.

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