M4 Cross Curricular Trip 2022/23

This year M4 students were able to return to Khao Yai for the Cross Curricular Field Trip. On the 8th of Jan, we set off early in the morning. The first day was spent on river studies, comparing two river sites. The students investigated river discharge and levels of pollution. Day two was focused on biodiversity in the rainforest. Students used math to measure tree heights and biomass, analyzed the impact of light on biodiversity and on the walk through the forest learned about various flora and fauna species of the rainforest. We also managed a night safari and were lucky enough to see a family of 8 elephants at a mineral lick. On the final day we visited site sof local tourism and identified conflicts that arise as a result of tourism. The trip was a huge success, students, teachers and organizers were ecstatic to be back in the park and learning about the Thai natural environment again.