Mycology Club

During our Mycology club we studied the symbiotic relationship between bacteria and yeast. Students were put in small groups and had to brew their own Kombucha. The students brewed their own sweet tea that would be used to feed the kombucha culture. The sweet tea was added to the kombucha culture and the students recorded the pH of their brew. 

We waited 7 days for the first fermentation to happen and then recorded the pH again. This is to show that the culture has been feeding from the sugar. The low pH showed fermentation was happening. The students also observed bubbles forming in their brew.

After the first fermentation students brought fruit and flavoring to school, each group could flavor their kombucha with whatever they wanted. They were told to go and do some research on different flavors they could use. Some students brought in Apples, orange juice, strawberries and many others. 

The students then bottled their brews with the kombucha tea and flavor juice. We waited another week for the second fermentation. The students had to keep an eye on the bottles for gas build up, as the bottles can explode.

The final week was the tasting and students got to taste each other’s kombucha and score it. The winning team won a prize. 

The students enjoyed the activity as they learned key lab skills, working together and they learned the science behind fermentation.

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