M6 Unity and Adventure & Community Support Camps 2021-22

From Feb 17- 20 PHS 6 set off on their two filed trips. The M6 Unity and Adventure, and their Community Support Trip, which they missed last year due to the COVID situation. The students arrived at Sri Racha, where they began their adventure.

Students had to complete a series of tasks as a team. These included  kayaking, beach art, climbing, cooking and some hiking. The first day was a bit washed out by a storm, but the students did a great job of cleaning a beach – eco-friendliness is a PHS value. The following day students were able to complete the activities, enjoying an afternoon at the beach too. The adventure was exciting and the group achieved a wonderful sense of unity throughout.

Once on the mainland again, PHS 6 set about completing their community Support Program, which they had started the previous year, having raised funds for a rural school, the students had also designed playground art which had to be painted. They also painted the gates and walls of he school. A hot 2 days of hard work, but worth it in the end. Wat Na Jomtien School was very pleased with their efforts!