Neilson Hays Young Writer Awards 2019

The Neilson Hays Library Young Writers Awards 2019 challenged students from around Thailand to create picture books on the theme “Journey.” Several teams from Panyarat High School participated in this event, and a number of students achieved placement in the top five finalist positions and one first prize.

In the 12 and under categroy, PHS M1 student JJ placed in the top five finalists with his picture book, The True Dream. In 16 and under, Pammy with The Secret Book, Krapook and Waai with The Boy Who Became a Tree and JJ and Yuki with My Journey, placed in the top five finalists. The overall winners of the 16 and under competition were JJ and Yuki with My Journey. We recognize and congratulate these students on their achievement.

Click the links to their books below:

Finalist 12 and under: JJ – Jirawat Chanmala (M2) 
True Dream

Finalist 16 and under: Pammy – Pattaranan Ritwichai (M2)
The Secret Book

Finalist 16 and under: Krapook – Yanitta Lewwongcharoen & Waai – Nichada Shue-Waai-Chow (M2)
The Boy Who Became A Tree

Winning team 16 and under: JJ – Theethad Thipsoda & Yuki – Kasira Hingthong (M3)
My Journey