Skype Cultural Exchange 2019

On the 5th February 2020, students from PHS linked up again with the students at Fonda Fultonville  Central Schools Skype Club in New York State.

Each year M3 and M4 students get the chance to have a video chat with students from a school in the United States. This was started by Fonda Fultonville as a way to broaden their cultural understanding. The PHS students and US students ask and answer questions on a range of subjects ranging from school, social life, fashion, food and clothing right to politics. 

‘They were talking a mile a minute about how much fun it was and all the things they learned…. it really is amazing how much of an impact these teleconferences have on students. ‘ -Sean Thompson

One of the highlights of this year’s exchange was a live video tour of the Soi 20 market, given by Thum (M3) and Green (M4). They showed and explained the wide variety of food and goods available in the market, many of which the US students had never seen or experienced.

The teachers, Sean and Danielle set up the video exchange to take place at 7.30am Bangkok time, 730pm US time. Both classes had a good hour of chat and exchange before classes started at 8.30.

This is the 4th year of this exchange and we are so glad to be able to retain this warm friendship with Fonda-Fultonville Central School.Looking forward to next year.

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