M2 Leadership Camp 2021/22

With such an incredible interest from M2 for the leadership camp this year, it was decided to have a separate camp for the M2 students. 33 M2 students set off to Kanchanaburi for the M2 Leadership and Development camp. This camp is all about students developing leadership skills and and developing their self-confidence and teamwork. They took part in a number of activities at the Riyal River Kwai Resort, including communication and problem solving, map work, cycling and then they set off the supermarket to buy the food for their camping experience.

On day two the students set off early for the stand up paddleboarding along the lake where they learned their basic skills. When they arrived at the campsite, exhausted, the students then had to cook their lunch before learning CPR, first aid and taking part in some other river safety lectures. Later they set their tents and prepared for the evening meal. After they have got over their fear of the insects and the forest the students settled down to a evening around the campfire cooking marshmallows.

On the final day they had their river stand up paddle boarding experience traveling 11 km along the River Kwai. They then completed a 5 km hike through the countryside along the mountains of Kanchanaburi. All students achieved an excellent result on this camp.

(Covid-19 policy is in place before and during the camp. All students and staff tested negative before the event started)