M3-5 Leadership Camp 2021/22

This year had an interesting split as there were a large number of new students and some returning students for the leadership camp. As a result of this the activities were split or differentiated according to whether the students had done the camp before or not.

The students enjoyed geocaching on the bikes whilst other groups learned orienteering and map reading. After a stunning meal at the resort the students set off to the supermarket to buy the food for the campsite.

On the morning of day two the students set off for their elementary skills practice along the river, learning how to rescue others or themselves from dangerous situations on the paddle boards. Once they reached the campsite, the students made the first lunch and reviewed CPR and first aid. There were also lectures on river safety and river navigation and hiking using the maps and GPS.

During the evening, as the students were cooking their dinner, an incredible storm arrived. The PHS students took this in their stride, created makeshift tents and continued cooking. It was a cool night and everybody slept well in their tents.

On the last day the students have the river paddleboarding, this time doing 13 km down the River Kwai followed by a 6 km hike with skill tests and reviews on some of the skills they have been taught over the 2 days. I think everybody agreed it was an exhausting camp but very rewarding and fulfilling.

(Covid-19 policy is in place before and during the camp. All students and staff tested negative before the event started.)