Renewable Energy 101 : Powering The Future

On Tuesday 4th July, K. Amita Khaojaikarn came to Panyarat High School to give a presentation on Renewable Energy – ‘Powering the Future Agenda’

Her presentation introduced the different forms of renewable energy that are currently being used and implemented around southeast Asia and highlighted the different stages of renewable energy use across the different nations of ASEAN. She went into detail to explain the different forms of solar energy and expanded to introduce the mechanical features and project implementation of solar and wind energy. This links directly to the Global Issues and SDGs that are studied in M4 and the High School Science curricuulum.

She concluded with a summary of the prospective careers that can be taken in the renewable energy industry. Afterwards with a short Q&A many students came forward to discuss some of their ongoing projects and potential courses at university that link to this topic.

We thank K. Amita for her time and the interesting presentation on Sustainable Renewable energy and her insights to the state of the industry in the region.

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